United Church of Peace




About UCP and its Doctrine

United Church of Peace is a church for All People.  It strives to bring people together from all belief systems and diversities to foster acceptance, respect, goodwill, and love among those who attend. UCP also encourages Friends of UCP to spread these teachings through their personal behaviors toward others. UCP does not advocate attempts to convert others to one's own religious beliefs, because such attempts can be interpreted as a lack of respect for another's religious beliefs.

UCP upholds that greater peace in our world can never occur if respect is not shown and practiced among people of differing religious beliefs.

UCP welcomes all people to attend its fellowships. In our spirit of promoting goodwill and friendship, we refer to those who participate with UCP as "Friends of UCP" rather than members. UCP encourages Friends to continue any involvements they might have with other churches and spiritual venues. UCP views itself as a supplemental venue for growing peace, love and goodwill toward others.

UCP's doctrine additionally embraces humanitarianism, kindness, compassion, and being a voice for the voiceless. It collaborates with a secular organization, Open Door Outreach, to help the homeless and poor, to give aid to victims (both people and animals), to protect our planet's ecology, and other outreach efforts.

UCP strives to reduce prejudice, hatred, violence, and war (the ultimate act of violence).  UCP agrees with the teachings of Gandhi and MLK Jr. that "the most powerful weapon is nonviolence", and that differences can be worked out through communication, interaction, and sincere attempts to understand eachothers' viewpoints.  We must always be conscious that all people are people; humans across the globe have more commonalities than differences, regardless of whether we perceive our shared humanity.  We all feel pain, suffering, fear, and love -- and all people have at least some goodness within.

UCP strives to unite people to make our world as wonderful and peaceful as it can possibly be.  By working together, we can accomplish tremendous positive changes, creating a better world for all.